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In 1972 I got an idea to start an entertainment magazine. My idea was to publish an entertainment magazine that would be distributed free. I was told this could not be done you had to charge for thw book. I disagreed and went ahead with my project.


I assembled a small group of guys and although we had no money we started from stratch and started to build. We manage to convince a few black businesses to support us. Each month we gained customers and we started to build. The project failed because we could not raise the money to keep the business going.  But, It gave me a good insite on black business in Detroit.  I saw the struggle from many different points and gain a valuable experience. 


We traveled this city from one end to the other and there was black businesses on every street. There was countless black owned bars and night clubs, gas stations cleaners,liquor stores, hadware stores and corner markets. There was a few large super markets.


Now, today you can barely find a black business in Detroit. There are a number reasons for this situation. But, in reality there is no reason for a city that is eighty percent black to have no economic representation.


The black community was hit by three different society shapining events. The first was desegragation. The aspect of desegration caused a split among black people. One side saw it as a step that towards freedom and making black people equal with white. The other side saw it as something that would split black people and make them weaker as a society. In my opion both sides was right. But, the black community did deal with the problem properly and black business suffered greatly.


The second issue was the riots of 1967. The riots destroyed black businesses in the primary Urban centers around the country. This was so devasating to the community could it never really recovered. 


The last issue was the drug epidemic hit the black community. This resulted in the destruction of the black family. More young black men was killed than in any war. The destruction of black business and the imprisonment of thousands of young black men and women.


Although these are separate issues the black community is dealing with them all together. 

Why are so many African Americans dying from Corona19

There is a number of reasons the African American Community to suffer the blunt of this epidemic. The first is probably education. Many people don't understand how the lack of education affects ones life, even to the point of shortened it. The first effect is their status in life. The professional career they have or the job they have. Your quality of life is related to your educational level. This is not necessarily formal education. Many people gain vast amouts of knowledge informally. This depends on the drive of the individual. 


The second thing is social habits. People that are drug users, heavy smokers, heavy drinkers or other damaging social habits can result in their physical health or mental health being neglected.


Due to social conditioning so much of the dangerous life style has been accepted too the point that the people tend to ignore the warnings of the society at large.


When I travel around the city of Detroit I notice behavior that is not allowed or engaged in inthe other communities. The sale of drugs is accepted with a wink and a nod. Everywhere you go the overwhelming smell of marijuana is everywhere. This is not teenagers. These are adults up into their thirties and forties. This signals to everyone this conduct is acceptable. But, this conduct takes a toll on one's health. People don't realize marijuana spokingt does ten times the damage to people's lungs as cigaret smoking. Diabetes, un checked high blood all are playing a part in the severve cost we are paying to the CORVA19 epedemic. 


None of theis can be corrested over night. But, the community has to take note of these facts and address them. 

What is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth is the oldest national celebration of the ending of slavery.  The emancipation proclamation was signed by Abraham Lincoln in September 1862. But, this only freed the slaves the confederate states. This did not cover the border states. Texas was a prime example. In June of 1865 the people of Texas was still enslaved and unaware that the rest of the country had freed their slaves. General Gordon Granger arrived in Galvanston, Texas in June of 1865. And on June 19, 1865 he issue an order that all the slaves was to be freed. This became a day of celebration of African America Emancipation  in Texas and across the United States and beyond. 


The Montford Point Detachment of the Marine Corps League, 13721 Joy Rd., will celebrate this event June20, 2020, more details are to come.

           A Note on Black History

One of the most devasting period of African American History occurred during the period from 1867 to 1965.

During this period the Democratic Party targeted Afrrican Americans in an attempt to re-enslave them. The primary tactic that was being employed was peonage.  This is a system that was adopted from Mexico. What it entails is taht an individual owes a person money and cannot pay, they have to subject themselves to working for that person until the debt is paid.

Ths was a prictice primarily employed in the south, where the Democrats had total control..

The Democratic Party blamed the Negro for the Civil War and what happened to the south as a result of losing the war. The Democratic Party focused it's entire political and legal power at the Negro in retaliation for the defeat in the civil war. For about one hundred years the Negro suffered under the attack of the Democrats. The event that brought a close to this era was World War II. As a result of WWII the Civil Rights ere began.

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